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In order to test your systems, be sure the following requirements are met.

  • Acquire test meansIn order to facilitate chain testing, it is necessary that all participants in the network must have authentication means and corresponding authorizations of each other.
  • Announce chain testTo be able to get support from other participants in a timely manner, it is necessary that all participants are aware when a chain test will take place.
  • Exchange metadataWithin the network, all Herkenningsmakelaars, Authenticatiediensten and Machtigingenregisters should exchange each others metadata, so the systems can verify the origin of a request and subsequently process it.
  • Process service catalogAll systems in the network must be aware of the properties of each service, in order to process authentication requests in a correct way. For this purpose, the beheerorganisatie maintains a aggregated service catalog. See Proces doorvoeren nieuwe dienstencatalogus.

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