# Determine appropriate.Identities for (ECTA- or ASTA-) Sets for Recepient (DV of DA)

       DetermineAppropriateIdentifiers (sets, Recipient.ServiceProviderID)

  • GROUP ecta/acta-sets BY setNumber in sets
  • ORDER sets ASSENDING BY setNumer
  • FOR EACH set IN sets
    • # check IF all IdentityTypes in set can and may be provided for het user
    • FOR EACH IdentifierType IN set
      • IF IdentifierType=BSN AND Recipient.ServiceProviderID NOT on the BSN AutorisationList THEN respond with a unrecoverable error (Attributes not supported). See Error handling for more details.
      • IF IdentifierType can not be provided for this user THEN next set
    • # all IdentifierTypes are checked, current Set = appropriate set
    • # Add the Identifiers of the user for all IdentifierTypes (Identificerende kenmerken) in the appropriate set to appropriate.Identities
    • FOR EACH IdentifierType IN set 
      • appropriate.Identities[IdentifierType] = IdentifierValue of IdentifierType for the user and Receipient combination
    • RETURN appropriate.Identities
  • # No appropriate Set can be provides for this user - start error handling
  • respond with a recoverable error (Attributes not supported). See Error handling for more details.
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