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The most recent version of the technical BSNk specifications are available on request and a copy is included here for information only.

In order to realize step 7 in the AUC3.1 Registreren bevoegdheid eenmanszaken an interface is necessary beween the MR and BSNk. This interface wil implement AUC6 Activeren BSN for the MR. In order to facilitate the transformation of the PI or PP this interface will also implement AUC10 Transformeren. This will allow the MR to transform the PI  into the EI or the PP into an EP of the owner of the sole trader for the DV who requested this information.

The correct recipientKeySetVersion used in this transformation MUST be derived by the MR based on the validity.notBefore (YYYYMMDD notation) date of the most recent issued (using validity.notBefore) certificate of the service instance in the Service catalog.

On a technical level this interface is identical (a specified SOAPaction will be used between MR and BSNk) to the Interface Specifications aux MR - BSNk. The MR MUST implement this interface as if it were an AD communicating to the BSNk.

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