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ServiceID is an identifier of a service that is unique in the context of the service provider.

Services are registered in the Service catalog with both a ServiceID and a ServiceUUID.

The ServiceID is an urn in the format


DV:<OIN>:services:<index> where <OIN> represents the OIN of the service provider.

Registered services MUST have an index of 1 or higher.  A portal function is specified (in messages and in the Service catalog by the attribute IsPortal. When a portal service is requested then a multivalued ServiceID MAY be returned in the response, representing all ServiceID's for which the subject has a registered authorization.

Although they look similar, EntityID's are not to be confused with ServiceID's. There is an n:n relationship between EntityID's and ServiceID's. One system may offer more than one service, or the other way around: more systems can offer the same service.

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